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The history of the Promees

The Promees company was founded in 2015 near Łódź, where still has own residence. It was founded by Mariusz Stawiński and his wife Marta Stawińska, who from the very beginning designs all sexy lingerie accessories and products available in the Promees collection.

The name "Promees" was created at the beginning of the 21st century and already then symbolized mystery, discretion and a note of understatement. It is associated with the English word "promise", but this is not the source of its creation, but a well-fitting side effect.

Due to the fact that Promees is not closed to any market, the visual identity of the brand is kept in a liberal style that allows for many interpretations, and the meaning of the company name has no direct equivalent in Polish and English. The Promees logo perfectly reflects the message and mission of the entire brand: simplicity, elegance and mystery in sensual black and classic white.

Exactly what the women's underwear in the Promees collection looks like...

How are sexy lingerie accessories made?

Each product is first made on a white sheet in Marta Stawińska design office. After the exact planning of every detail and allow the views of clients from around the world, the project goes to the sewing room in Pabianice, where it is sewn under the watchful eye of Marta.

Such a strategy makes Promees not only a well-oiled machine, but most of all a large family that cares about customers, products, and everyone involved in the creation of the collection of underwear and accessories.

The generator of the project - Mariusz Stawiński - has always been associated with the clothing industry. It was his experience, insights and observation of the market that allowed us to notice the gap in the underwear industry, which Promees has perfectly filled.

Women want more than regular lingerie. Women want to express themselves in a much more creative and sensual way. They want to show their femininity and exude strength not only in the bedroom, but also every day! Sexy lingerie accessories with bras and panties from Promees perfectly meet all requirements.

As a result, a brand was created that combines Mariusz market sense with Marta's extraordinary creativity. Thanks to them, Promees is not just another typical lingerie company, but a symbol of a perfect combination of class, luxury and intimacy with a hint of eroticism, which the Polish market certainly lacked.


What's in the Promees offer?

We are not afraid to say that we have been changing the face of women's underwear since 2015 and creating sensual accessories that have revolutionized evening styling. Promees is sure that every woman can afford a little luxury at the right price.

At the beginning, we mainly produced sexy lingerie accessories for women, such as chokers, body harness, garters and straps. However, over time, we have become a full-fledged brand that also creates women's underwear, accessories and sensual clothing for women. Our collections are characterized by modern designs that effectively build trends in Poland and around the world. We create universal products that work well in the bedroom, at a banquet, at work, during a wedding and wherever a woman wants to feel special.

Promees creates sexy lingerie accessories and sensual products that are available not only in Poland, but also in several European countries and around the world. However, the heart of the brand and its production still remain in Łódź, as evidenced by the first, official and the only Promees stationary store in the world, located right next to the famous Piotrkowska Street: at Nawrot 2a in Łódź.

Promees today is not only body harness

Although from the beginning of the Promees brand, we are known for creating sexy lingerie accessories (especially sensual body harness sets) that allow every woman to express feelings and emotions, today we also successfully sew evening clothes, underwear and bathing suits.

Today Promees is not only body harness, but also a dynamically developing Polish lingerie company, which is one of the few that can present such modern, extravagant and sexy lingerie designs made of the highest quality materials.

We have revolutionized women's wardrobes and changed their lives for better, giving them courage, self-confidence and a chance to show their uniqueness.

Time will show what we can do next, and you can be witness.

Because you're part of the Promees family.

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